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  2. Infectious disease prevention measures

Infectious disease prevention measures

Hotel initiatives and requests to customers

  • Dear customer.
    Thank you for using our hotel on a regular basis.
    At the hotel, to prevent infection and spread of the new coronavirus,
    In consideration of the health of our customers and employees, we are taking the following measures.
    We ask our customers for their understanding and cooperation.

Efforts within this facility

1. Installation of alcohol disinfectant

  • At front desks, lobbies, dining hall entrances, etc.
    We have installed hand sanitizers for your fingertips.

2. Disinfection and enhanced cleaning

  • Places where there are many opportunities for customers to touch((guest room door knob,door,Restroom doors, etc.)
    Alcohol disinfection is carried out as appropriate, and disinfection and cleaning within the pipe are being strengthened.

3.Implementation of ventilation

  • The inside of this facility is always ventilated by air conditioning equipment,
    If there are many users at restaurants, banquet halls, etc.,
    Take measures such as turning on a fan or opening a part of the door.
    In addition, the rooms are ventilated by opening the windows and doors during cleaning.

4. Meal provision method

  • Breakfast is served as a set menu.
    We ask that you keep the space between your seats as much as possible.

Efforts for employees

1. Physical condition check when going to work

  • For all employees, record the temperature before work,
    We are thoroughly discouraging employees who have a fever or are not feeling well from coming to work.

2. Enforcement of disinfection

  • We encourage you to disinfect your hands when entering the building and after using the restroom.

3.Wearing a mask

  • We wear masks when serving customers.

Requests to customers

1. We ask for your cooperation in disinfecting with alcohol when you visit.

2. At the time of check-in, we measure the temperature of all guests.If you notice any abnormalities such as fever or poor physical condition, please be sure to report it.

3. We have installed alcohol disinfectant in this facility, so please disinfect frequently.Also, please wash your hands when you return to your room.

4. We ask that you wear a mask during your stay. ((*Except in the guest room)Please bring your own mask.