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100 best roads in Japan"Nakamachi Komise Street"

Surrounding spots

The hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of Nakamachi Komise Street, which has been designated as an "Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District".
Explore the old streets that retain the remnants of the feudal era.
There are also many tourist attractions such as two brewers and a Japanese restaurant.
  • Brewery

  • shop

  • public facility

    • 5 minutes walk from the hotel


      Completed in 1902, it is a garden of Tsugaru's unique gardening method "Oishi Takegaku-ryu", which was built on a vast site in the town.
      From the end of the Edo period to the modern era, the unique style that prevailed in the Tsugaru region is precious, so it was designated as a historic site scenic natural monument on January 26, 2006.
    • 3 minutes walk from the hotel

      Matsu no Yu Community Center

      It is a regional exchange hall that features pine trees that penetrate through the roof.
      It is a facility that you can feel free to use as a break / information center for walking around Kuroishi.
      As the name implies, it was a public bath loved by the local people until 1993.
      After the closure, many people strongly requested that it be preserved and used as a landmark of the town, so it was rebuilt as it was at that time and reborn as the Matsunoyu Community Center in 2015.